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UARK Study Shamelessly (& Knowingly) Uses Bogus Measures to Make Charter Productivity Claims

July 22, 2014


Any good study of the relative productivity and efficiency of charter schools compared to other schools (if such comparisons were worthwhile to begin with) would require precise estimates of comparable financial inputs and outcomes as well as the conditions under which those inputs are expected to yield outcomes. The University of Arkansas Department of Education […]

On the Real Dangers of Marguerite Roza’s Fake Graph

October 14, 2011


In my last post, I ranted about this absurd graph presented by Marguerite Roza to a symposium of the New York Regents on September 13, 2011. Since that presentation (but before my post), that graph was also presented by the New York State Commissioner of Education to Superintendents of NY State School Districts (Sept. 26, […]

Dumbest completely fabricated (but still serious?) graph ever! (so far)

October 9, 2011


Okay. You all know that I like to call out dumb graphs. And I’ve addressed a few on this blog previously. Here are a few from the past: Now, each of the graphs in this previous post and numerous others I’ve addressed, like this one (From RiShawn Biddle) had something over the graph I’m […]

Newsflash! “Middle Class Schools” score… uh…in the middle. Oops! No news here!

September 26, 2011


I’ve already beaten the issue of the various flaws, misrepresentations and outright data abuse in the Third Way middle class report into the ground on this blog. And it’s really about time for that to end. Time to move on. But here is one simple illustration which draws on the same NAEP data compiled and […]

Third Way Responds but Still Doesn’t Get It!

September 24, 2011


Third Way has posted a response to my critique in which they argue that their analyses do not suffer the egregious flaws my review indicates. Specifically, they bring up my reference to the fact that whenever they are using a “district” level of analysis, they include the Detroit City Schools in their entirety in their […]

One difference between Playin’ Jazz and Policy Research: Comments on the Third Way “Middle Class” Reply

September 22, 2011


Occasionally on this blog, I slip in some jazz references. I often see commonalities between jazz improvisation and policy analysis. But I think I’ve finally found one thing that is very different. A lot of jazz teachers will joke around with students about what to do when you’re improvising a solo over chord changes, perhaps […]

Revisiting why comparing NAEP gaps by low income status doesn’t work

September 13, 2011

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This is a compilation of previous posts, in response to the egregious abuse of data presented on Page 3, here: Pundits love to make cross-state comparisons and rank states on a variety of indicators, something I’m guilty of it as well.[1] A favorite activity is comparing NAEP test scores across subjects, including comparing which […]

More expensive than what? A quick comment on CAP’s CSR report

April 14, 2011


The Center for American Progress today release a report on class size reduction authored by Matthew Chingos, who has conducted a handful of recent interesting studies on the topic. This report reads more or less like a manifesto against class size reduction as a strategy for improving school quality and student outcomes. I’ll admit […]

Dumbest “real” reformy graphs!

April 8, 2011

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So in my previous post I created a set of hypothetical research studies that might be presented at the Reformy Education Research Association annual meeting. In my creation of the hypotheticals I actually tried to stay  pretty close to reality, setting up reasonable tables with information that is actually quite probable.  Now, when we get […]

Smart Guy (Gates) makes my list of “Dumbest Stuff I’ve Ever Read!”

March 2, 2011


Bill Gates (clearly a very smart guy) has just topped my list of Dumbest Stuff I’ve Ever Read for the first few months of 2011. He did it with this post in the Huffington Post and with his talk to State Governors (in which he also naively handed out copies of the book Stretching the […]


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