The Endogeneity of the Equitable Distribution of Teachers: Or, why do the girls get all the good teachers?

April 18, 2014


Recently, the Center for American Progress (disclosure: I have a report coming out through them soon) released a report in which they boldly concluded, based on data on teacher ratings from Massachusetts and Louisiana, that teacher quality is woefully inequitably distributed across children by the income status of those children. As evidence of these inequities, […]

Why you can’t compare simple achievement gaps across states! So don’t!

April 16, 2014


Consider this post the second in my series of basic data issues in education policy analysis. This is a topic on which I’ve written numerous previous posts. In most previous posts I’ve focused specifically on the issue of problems with poverty measurement across contexts and how those problems lead to common misinterpretations of achievement gaps. […]

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Understand your data & use it wisely! Tips for avoiding stupid mistakes with publicly available NJ data

April 11, 2014


My next few blog posts will return to a common theme on this blog – appropriate use of publicly available data sources. I figure it’s time to put some positive, instructive stuff out there. Some guidance for more casual users (and more reckless ones) of public data sources and for those must making their way […]

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A Response to “Correcting the Facts about the One Newark Plan: A Strategic Approach To 100 Excellent Schools”

March 24, 2014


Originally posted on New Jersey Education Policy Forum:
Full report here: Weber.Baker.OneNewarkResponseFINALREVIEW Mark Weber & Bruce Baker On March 11, 2014, the Newark Public Schools (NPS) released a response to our policy brief of January 24, 2014: “An Empirical Critique of One Newark.”[1] Our brief examined the One Newark plan, a proposal by NPS to…

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DFER Idiocy on New York School Finance

March 12, 2014


This may just be among the most ludicrous proclamations I’ve read in quite some time, and it’s brought to us by none other than Dimwits doofuses/doofi? …well something with a “D” For Education Reform: “Contrary to what you may hear from certain special interest groups, the best way to fix our schools is not just […]

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What really matters? Equitable & Adequate Funding!

March 11, 2014


Below is a section of a paper I’ve been working on the past few weeks (which will be presented in Philadelphia in April) Some of the content below is also drawn from: =============== Over the past several decades, many states have pursued substantive changes to their state school finance systems, while others have not. […]

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“One Newark’s” Racially Disparate Impact on Teachers

March 10, 2014


Originally posted on New Jersey Education Policy Forum:
PDF of Policy Brief: Weber.Baker.Oluwole.Staffing.Report_3_10_2014_FINAL As with our previous One Newark policy brief, this one is too long and complex to post in full as a blog. Below are the executive summary and conclusions and policy recommendations. We encourage you to read the full report at the…

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