What about those high income families that opted out long before the school year started?

April 22, 2015


Pro-Annual Testing of Everyone pundits are all in a tizzy about Opt-Out. In their view, parents who opt out are severely compromising accountability for our public education system. They are eroding the public interest in the most selfish possible way. What seems to irk these pundits as much as anything is the possibility that the […]

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Friday Graphs: Bad Teachers? or Bad Policy & Crappy Measures in New York?

April 17, 2015


A while back, I wrote this post explaining the problems of using measures of student achievement growth to try to sort out “where the bad teachers go.” The gist of the post was to explain that when we have estimates of student achievement growth linked to teachers, and when those estimates show that average growth […]

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Relinquishing Efficiency: NOLA Data Snapshots

April 15, 2015


There’s always plenty of bluster about the post-Katrina NOLA miracle. I’ve done a few posts on the topic, but none recently. See: Thoughts on NJ Failure Factories and NOLA Miracles New Orleans, Race & School Locations The NOLA model of “relinquishment” continues to be pitched as a handy-dandy reformy solution for dismantling the dysfunctional urban […]

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NYSED Recommends “Teacher Effectiveness Gnomes” to Fix Persistent Inequities

April 14, 2015


I guess I knew that when ED released their “teacher equity” regs late fall of 2014, that we were in for a whole lot of stupid. You see, there was some good in those regulations and the data released to accompany them. There was discussion of teacher salary and qualifications parity, and some financial measures […]

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Angry Andy’s not so generous state aid deal: A look at the 2015-16 Aid Runs in NY

April 2, 2015

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Not much time to write about this, but I finally got my hands on the state aid runs for NY state school districts which were, in an unprecedented and utterly obnoxious move by the Gov, held hostage throughout the budget “negotiations” (if we can call  it that). Quick review – NY operates a state aid […]

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On School Finance Equity & Money Matters: A Primer

March 1, 2015

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Conceptions of Equity, Equal Opportunity and Adequacy Reforms across the nation to state school finance systems have been focused on simultaneously achieving equal educational opportunity and educational adequacy. While achieving and maintaining educational adequacy requires a school finance system that consistently and equitably meets a certain level of educational outcomes, it is important to maintain […]

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Angry Andy’s Failing Schools & the Finger of Blame

February 27, 2015


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office has released a report in which it identifies what it refers to in bold type on the cover as “Failing Schools.” Report here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/governor.ny.gov/files/atoms/files/NYSFailingSchoolsReport.pdf Presumably, these are the very schools on which Angy Andy would like to impose death penalties – or so he has opined in the past. The […]

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