What does $5,000 get you in Georgia?

This proposal caught my eye the other day… but it took me a few days to round up the relevant data and figures. http://www.beaconcast.com/articles/20090307 The proposal is to give every kid in Georgia a $5,000 dollar voucher to take to the public or private school of his or her choice. At the time of thisContinue reading “What does $5,000 get you in Georgia?”

Raising Arizona School Finance? Can’t be done!

So… I come across this blog which at first appears on target… indicating that typical rankings of state school finance are problematic. But then the blog goes awry… http://www.paysonroundup.com/news/2009/mar/06/pupil_spending_statistic_meaningless_misleading/ The point of the blog is that Arizona school funding isn’t as bad as it looks. Not 49th nationally, and that funding alone is not allContinue reading “Raising Arizona School Finance? Can’t be done!”

Take your 65 cents and …well… you know

I was pleased to read this morning that the Texas Legislature is now finally reconsidering the error of adopting into law the 65% requirement pitched by pundits a few years back as a revenue neutral “solution” for increasing education spending. http://www.star-telegram.com/804/story/1242118.html Of course, it was in Texas that the actual agenda of those pundits wasContinue reading “Take your 65 cents and …well… you know”

Another Lame Attempt by KS Legislators to Screw High Poverty Districts!

I’ve gotta give them some credit. The Kansas Legislature is getting more creative and arguably a little better at math over the years. But, the primary objective remains the same – find some way… any way… blatant or more preferably deceitful… to redirect funding allocated for higher poverty larger town and urban school districts toContinue reading “Another Lame Attempt by KS Legislators to Screw High Poverty Districts!”