Idiot of the Week (year) Award… The Cartel… Check this out!

See updated post on this topic: ==== Okay… so I’m curious about The Cartel movie that documents the failures of New Jersey’s public education system… and the high costs of those failures. One might construct a reasonable statistical case for some of the problems facing New Jersey schools… but not documentary filmmaker Bob BowdonContinue reading “Idiot of the Week (year) Award… The Cartel… Check this out!”

Do School Finance Reforms Make Any Difference?

Well… here’s what a number of reasonably strong empirical studies have shown… •   David Card & A. Abigail Payne, School Finance Reform, The Distribution of School Spending, and the Distribution of Student Test Scores, 83 J. Pub. Econ. 49 (2002) –    Using micro samples of SAT scores from this same period, we then test whetherContinue reading “Do School Finance Reforms Make Any Difference?”

Should Think Tanks be Licensed to Think? (and when should a license be revoked?)

We all have our flaws. As social science researchers, writers, reviewers, etc. dealing with highly political and politicized topics, we all let our personal biases creep inappropriately into our work at times. In the world of education policy writing and research, there are many occasions where individuals and organizations are provided opportunities to selectively reviewContinue reading “Should Think Tanks be Licensed to Think? (and when should a license be revoked?)”