Pennsylvania, Illinois and the Stimulus – What is Duncan thinking?

So… I read these two stories this past week as I get more deeply involved in understanding the impact of the stimulus funding for public schools, specifically, the general stabilization money  around which there seems to be increased controversy of late. In the first story which appeared in many locations, here is one: DuncanContinue reading “Pennsylvania, Illinois and the Stimulus – What is Duncan thinking?”

The Intellectually Vacuous Bob Bowdon’s “Cartel”

See updated post on this topic: ===== Old post Had a busy week, so I haven’t posted, but saw a new report yesterday which relates nicely back to the shallow logic of Bob Bowdon’s intellectually vacuous Cartel movie. The Cartel movie is based on the premise that (a) public schools nationally are failing, (b)Continue reading “The Intellectually Vacuous Bob Bowdon’s “Cartel””