Random thoughts on CT

I picked this article up on twitter: http://www.courant.com/news/education/hc-education-commissioner-0819.artaug19,0,3631152.story

From these figures below, it looks to me like Connecticut has some other issues to deal with. This is  a perfect example of just how illogical state aid distribution and state school finance formulas can be.

Variation in Nominal Expenditures

Variation in Need & Cost Adjusted Expenditures


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  1. So, I’m also a jazz musician (mostly past life) and currently listening to jazz on Pandora. A piece by tenor saxophonist Joel Frahm comes on, reminding me further of the disparities in Connecticut. On this piece Joel Frahm is playing with high school friend Brad Mehldau – graduates of Hall HS in West Hartford, a relatively affluent HS with a long history of great jazz. This brings to mind other CT jazz musicians, like pianists Gary Versace and Kevin Hayes, both of whom have impressive credits – especially Gary these days. Both of these stellar jazz pianists are graduates of Greenwich HS – also a great jazz program… and also an affluent suburb. Can someone help me identify all of the jazz standouts, past downbeat student music award winners, etc. from poor CT districts? (there must be some?)

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