Dollars for Disabilities? What do we know?

In this article, Jay Greene and Marcus Winters present a grossly oversimplified perspective of what we really know about the relationship between state school finance systems – special education aid formulas – and state special education classification rates. This supposed problem plays out at two levels. First, it is assumed that states which allocateContinue reading “Dollars for Disabilities? What do we know?”

Fact Check: Washington School Finance

I read this today: And was especially intrigued by the first bullet point: “Schools receive more than $10,000 per pupil per year, about one-third more than private schools spend per student.” Having just completed my study of private school tax returns, this statement seemed a bit out of line and there was absolutely noContinue reading “Fact Check: Washington School Finance”

A busy day in school finance…

Just checking my news alerts today. A lot going on: Massachusetts formula review: Kansas meeting among potential plaintiffs in response to aid cuts: New lawsuit brewing in Arizona: Comments on these at a later point.

Coulson’s selective reading skills…again!

So… I’m browsing the Cato web site and Andrew Coulson’s blog entries this morning and find  post where Coulson explains that a 2008 study shows that spending more on K-12 education reduces economic growth (9-2-09 post). So, I look at the study. Here are the first two sentences of the conclusion section of thatContinue reading “Coulson’s selective reading skills…again!”

Coulson still clueless

In his most recent response to my response: Coulson continues to miss the entire point of my report and misunderstand methodological detail. First, Coulson assumes that the entire point of the report is to show that private schools spend a lot and that they spend more than public schools. The point is that someContinue reading “Coulson still clueless”