NJ Charter Update – Math Trends over Time

Note: This is not a “Study.” This is just a summary of NJDOE Report Card Data, which can be found here: http://education.state.nj.us/rc/

I made a few more graphs for fun today, pursuing the question of whether the shares of children scoring only “partially proficient” over time are changing in New Jersey Charter Schools at any different rate from the shares scoring partially proficient in traditional public school districts. Note, of course, that partially proficient is a nice way of saying – failed the test. Each graph below includes only General Education students, as I have previously shown that NJ Charters serve very few if any special education students and including these students substantially changes performance levels for non-Charters. Again, it is most relevant to compare visually the Charter schools to schools in district factor groups A and B, because Charter schools do tend to serve children from these districts – primarily A. But, as the graphs show, Charters have continued to perform similarly to schools in DFG A (less well in Grade 4).

"R" indicates Charter Schools
"R" indicates Charter
"R" Indicates Charter Schools