Racing Where? (the DFER list)

A few quick comments on the Democrats for Ed Reform list of states in line for RttT funds.

  • The list includes two of the only states that year after year maintain a pattern of higher poverty school districts receiving systematically fewer resources than lower poverty school districts – New York and Illinois. Colorado is also on the systematically regressive funding list – but is not a year after year standout like the other two.
  • The list includes the two states which allocate the smallest share of their gross state product to public education – Louisiana and Delaware. To add insult to injury, based on American Community Survey Data from 2007, neither Delaware nor Louisiana even serves 80% of its 6 to 16 year olds in the public school system (a “coverage” metric).
  • The list includes the state with the absolute lowest cost and need adjusted per pupil state and local revenue among all states – Tennessee.

The DFER post notes that Illinois’ chances aren’t lookin’ as good as earlier this year. But, TN, DE, CO and LA  sound like strong contenders! (?)

Details on methods and analysis behind these findings available on request in  the near future. Cheers!


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