Another “You Cannot Be Serious!”

Saw this today: Huffman opines: I’m picking on New Jersey not because it has the worst plan (it doesn’t) but because it so perfectly embodies the old way of applying for federal education funding — lots of promises and ideas; little chance of change on the ground. By contrast, Louisiana submitted a clear, concise,Continue reading “Another “You Cannot Be Serious!””

NCTQ Teacher Policy Ratings: Where’s the quality?

First, to the media – the National Council on Teacher Quality Ratings are NOT ratings of actual differences in Teacher Quality across states. They are ratings of supposed steps which can be taken in state policy in order to improve teacher quality. Here, the blame goes on the media spin, not on NCTQ. NCTQ doesContinue reading “NCTQ Teacher Policy Ratings: Where’s the quality?”

New Jersey Teacher Salaries: Spiraling out of Control?

Not long ago, the transition teams for our new governor released their reports including an extensive report on K-12 education reform strategies. In the area of school finance, the report recommended: (great synopsis at: Identify “immediate opportunities to eliminate waste and expenditures from practices…that are making no or only limited contribution to the qualityContinue reading “New Jersey Teacher Salaries: Spiraling out of Control?”

More Fun with New Jersey Charter Schools

LINK TO UPDATED SPREADSHEET OF FREE LUNCH AND SPECIAL ED DATA I love maps. I love GIS software. This is a particularly interesting one related to the shares of children who qualify for free (not free or reduced, but free only, a poorer population) lunch in traditional public schools and in charter schools in Newark.Continue reading “More Fun with New Jersey Charter Schools”

Racial Achievement Gaps and Within-District Funding Inequity

I’ve written on this blog on a number of occasions, comments regarding the relative significance of within versus between district funding inequities. For example, I’ve explained (in response to an absurd claim by pundits from Education Trust) that southern states have not, in fact, substantively resolved between district funding disparities – leaving only district allocationContinue reading “Racial Achievement Gaps and Within-District Funding Inequity”

Education Week Does it Again: Please STOP!

Education Week has again posted the problematic QUALITY COUNTS indicator system including grades for school finance across the states. And again, Education Week has paid little attention to producing high quality indicators for measuring …quality? Why doesn’t that surprise me? But, they’ve made my life easier because I can simply refer you to my critiqueContinue reading “Education Week Does it Again: Please STOP!”

Education Trust is Flat-Out Wrong!!!!!

Sometimes I just get fed up with information spewed in the media which is simply FLAT OUT WRONG!!!! A  major source of FLAT OUT  WRONG information on school funding related issues these days seems to be the Education Trust, an organization which spins itself as an advocate for minority children and children in poverty. Here’sContinue reading “Education Trust is Flat-Out Wrong!!!!!”