Some statistical context for Central Falls

Pundits have been tweeting and blogging the Central Falls Rhode Island High School story this week, with many cheering the bold “turnaround” strategy of firing all of the school’s teachers. Essentially, the district Superintendent has dismissed all teachers in the school with the option for them to re-apply. The reason for the dismissal is thatContinue reading “Some statistical context for Central Falls”

Common Standards and the Capacity to Achieve Them

It would appear that the Common Standards movement has picked up some momentum this week, with the administration’s pitch that Title I aid should be tied to states adopting common college readiness standards. This is all good talk, but standards alone, on paper and/or in state policies or proclamations don’t achieve themselves. It is inappropriateContinue reading “Common Standards and the Capacity to Achieve Them”

Stossel & Coulson Misinformation on Private vs. Public School “Costs”

Last summer, I had an interesting exchange with Andrew Coulson regarding the issue of private school costs. That discussion can be found here: I had the displeasure this evening, while channel surfing, to catch a few minutes of John Stossel’s latest episode on the failures of the public education system and low-cost wonders ofContinue reading “Stossel & Coulson Misinformation on Private vs. Public School “Costs””

Private Public Schools – OK Idea – Bad Calculations

I read with curiosity today, the Fordham Institute’s new report on “Private Public” schools, or elementary schools where fewer than 5% of children qualify for free or reduced lunch and middle or secondary schools where fewer than 3% qualify. Not a bad idea on their part, but some of the numbers just didn’t match upContinue reading “Private Public Schools – OK Idea – Bad Calculations”

NJ Surplus Drill-down Redux

This is a quick reply to NJ Left Behind’s highly suspect if not outright bogus NJ Surplus Drill-down. The crux of my response to NJ Left Behind’s summary of NJ school district surpluses, is that his/her analysis completely distorts the distribution of school district surpluses by not taking into account district size (enrollment). Of courseContinue reading “NJ Surplus Drill-down Redux”

Today’s fun maps: NYC charter school free lunch rates

Just for fun, here are a few maps of New York City traditional public, special public and public charter schools. Charter schools are indicated with an asterisk. School level rates of children qualifying for free lunch are indicated by circle color.  Deep red circles have free lunch shares over 83.6%. Blue circles have very lowContinue reading “Today’s fun maps: NYC charter school free lunch rates”

CAP’s Title I Myth

I just read a copy of “Spoonful of Sugar” from Center for American Progress in which they again propose fixes to Title I funding, which I have pointed out in the past are based on misguided assumptions and analyses (or lack thereof). Please see my previous analysis here: The authors of this “spoonful” note:Continue reading “CAP’s Title I Myth”