Proposed NJ State Aid Cuts 2010-11

Here’s a quick run down on the distribution of cuts to state aid for New Jersey school districts for 2010-2011. Much has been made in the media about how the cuts are most severe for wealthy communities. The graphs below show that that depends much on what you’re looking at. Yes, these communities lose a much larger share of their state aid, but their general fund budgets are much less dependent on state aid. When viewing the cuts in terms of per pupil aid cuts, the cuts are actually higher in higher poverty districts.

As a refresher – District Factor Groups are essential wealth/income classifications, where I and J are relatively wealthy generally suburban districts and A and B represent poorer, often (though not entirely) urban core districts.


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  1. I firmly believe Christie is engaging in a “Grover Norquist” here, (Drowning governmental services in the bath-tub). These cuts go far beyond what is warranted, particularly when coupled with the TAX BREAK those NJ individuals making $400K or more per year. Meanwhile the poorest of school children get clobbered.

    Talk about class warfare….

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