A few quick notes on Tax and Expenditure Limits (TELs)

Below are some clips from abstracts of empirical research studies on the relationship between tax limits and school quality. I address this topic because of current policy discussions in New Jersey regarding a Massachusetts-style Prop 2 1/2 limit to local property taxes (and state expenditures). Perhaps the most notable examples of the effects of TELsContinue reading “A few quick notes on Tax and Expenditure Limits (TELs)”

Cartel Recap

This is an old post which I have moved forward in time on my blog because of the national release of this absurd film. For series of posts on this topic, see: https://schoolfinance101.wordpress.com/category/the-cartel-movie-schlockumentary/ Okay… so a few people meandering through my posts over time have sought some synthesis of my gripes about Bob Bowdon’s CartelContinue reading “Cartel Recap”

Teacher Salaries in NJ and NY Counties

Here’s some more statistical fuel for the fire on the question of whether New Jersey teacher salaries are “spiraling out of control.” Here are comparisons of projected New Jersey and New York teacher salaries based on statistical models of the actual teacher level salary data for individual teachers in these counties in Northern New JerseyContinue reading “Teacher Salaries in NJ and NY Counties”

Ed Trust Getting Loopy Again

Education Trust has released another BIG statement about an issue that I would argue is a minor distraction – at best. At worst, this issue becomes a major policy distraction, diverting attention from far more significant equity concerns. http://www.edtrust.org/sites/edtrust.org/files/publications/files/Hidden%20Funding%20Gaps_0.pdf Education Trust’s summary bullet points for their new report are as follows: Federal law permits hiddenContinue reading “Ed Trust Getting Loopy Again”