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Research, Schmresearch – CAP’s misguided analysis… AGAIN!

May 31, 2010

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Center for American Progress has just released a new report titled Comparable, Schmomperable which argues that within-district disparities are the major equity problem of the day. As I have noted previously, I agree that within-district inequities in schooling resources including teacher quality are a concern – A major concern. However, to ignore and brush aside […]

Manhattan Institute Study Provides Bogus Interpretation of Massachusetts Prop 2 ½

May 26, 2010


Printer friendly draft: Policy Brief – Tax Limits in Massachusetts Media reports this week touted a Manhattan Institute Study supported by the Common Sense Institute of New Jersey. The “study” (using the term loosely) can be found here: The “study” provides no reference to the vast body of peer-reviewed literature in high quality journals […]

NJOSA & the Lakewood Effect

May 19, 2010


UPDATE: As I understand it, NJOSA has now been revised to specifically target Lakewood as a pilot site for the vouchers (1 of 8 locations). Consider the analysis below in that light. This revision potentially allows for a greater share of overall NJOSA funding to flow specifically to Lakewood students. Further, this revision raises fun/interesting […]

NJ Opportunity Scholarship: Must Read Items

May 7, 2010

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Very little time today. Big deadlines and lots of data to analyze. Since the debate is now heating up over the NJ Opportunity Scholarship Program, I thought I’d put out there a few items which really should be part of the debate on this topic. 1) The April 2010 report on the long run effectiveness […]


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