New Jersey Opportunity Scholarship (NJOSA) Study Notes & Review

It’s kind of like an end of semester blogging time here – a good time to review various posts on specific topics related to New Jersey education policy. My apologies to those of you looking for issues of national/broader interest. I’ll get back to those issues after this post. In this post, I provide aContinue reading “New Jersey Opportunity Scholarship (NJOSA) Study Notes & Review”

Negotiating Points for Teachers on Value-Added Evaluations

A short time back I posted an explanation of how using value-added student testing data could lead to a series of legal problems for school districts and states.  That post can be found here: We had some interesting follow-up discussion over on My concerns regarding legal issues arose from statistical problems and someContinue reading “Negotiating Points for Teachers on Value-Added Evaluations”

Comment on Property Tax Limits and Consolidation

One of the new arguments in favor of implementing the 2.5% constitutional limit on property taxes for New Jersey municipalities and school districts is that it would not only force these municipalities and school districts to operate within their means and much more efficiently (an unfounded argument I address here), but that the caps wouldContinue reading “Comment on Property Tax Limits and Consolidation”

Good schools, low taxes and no activist judges! (?)

….Why Massachusetts is so much cooler than New Jersey… REALLY? (nothing against Mass. Go Celtics!) Perplexing claims and contradictory information seem to be flooding the New Jersey media of late. Here’s my summary and critique of two of those claims: The claim that the problem with New Jersey schools is that the New Jersey SupremeContinue reading “Good schools, low taxes and no activist judges! (?)”

Pondering Legal Implications of Value-Added Teacher Evaluation

I’m going out on a limb here. I’m a finance guy. Not a lawyer. But, I do have a reasonable background on school law thanks to colleagues in the field like Mickey Imber at U. of Kansas and my frequent coauthor Preston Green at Penn State. That said, any screw ups in my legal analysisContinue reading “Pondering Legal Implications of Value-Added Teacher Evaluation”