What does the education level of 25 to 34 year olds really mean?

About a week ago, The College Board released their latest status report in their college completion series. http://completionagenda.collegeboard.org/sites/default/files/reports_pdf/Progress_Executive_Summary.pdf The parts of the report that seemed to grab the most media attention were those related to a) comparing the US to other countries on the percent of 25 to 34 year olds who hold an associatesContinue reading “What does the education level of 25 to 34 year olds really mean?”

Rolling Dice: If I roll a “6” you’re fired!

Okay… Picture this…I’m rolling dice… and each time I roll a “6” some loud-mouthed, tweet happy pundit who just loves value-added assessment for teachers gets fired. Sound fair? It might happen to  someone who sucks at their job…or might just be someone who is rather average. Doesn’t matter. They lost on the roll of theContinue reading “Rolling Dice: If I roll a “6” you’re fired!”

Private Schools & Public Education Policy in New Jersey

The commission on private schools established by former Governor Corzine has just released its report: http://nj.gov/governor/news/reports/pdf/20100720_np_schools.pdf This report is more fun than many recent reports in New Jersey because it actually has some data and citations. Nonetheless, I have at least a few concerns regarding the presentation of the data and implications drawn from it.Continue reading “Private Schools & Public Education Policy in New Jersey”

Another “You Cannot be Serious!” The demise of private sector preschool in New Jersey?

There is little I find more enjoyable than boldly stated claims where the claims are entirely unsubstantiated… but where data are relatively accessible for testing those claims. This week, the Governor’s Task Force on Privatization in New Jersey released their final report on the virtues of privatization for specific services. I took particular interest inContinue reading “Another “You Cannot be Serious!” The demise of private sector preschool in New Jersey?”

The Gist Twist(s) & Rhode Island School Finance

So, I’ve tried not to… but I’ve been following the relatively uninformed debate over Rhode Island’s nifty new Foundation Aid formula on the National Journal “Experts” Blog. http://education.nationaljournal.com/2010/06/a-funding-formula-for-success.php#comments Yep, Rhode Island has invented the… wheel… or perhaps bread… one or the other. Pretty much a run-of-the-mill foundation aid formula here. And that’s not necessarily aContinue reading “The Gist Twist(s) & Rhode Island School Finance”

An Alternative Look at the Census Financial Data

The spin is on. As soon as the annual school district level U.S. Census fiscal survey data are released, news outlets across the country take their shot a spinning the data to show just where their state stands. New York #1! Utah… dead last! Hawaii “above average.” Spending just really high (totally out of context)!Continue reading “An Alternative Look at the Census Financial Data”