Why I’m not crying for Louisiana and Colorado

Many of the “reformers” out there are whining and fist-thumping about the surprise omission of Louisiana and Colorado as Race to the Top Winners. After all, Louisiana has been a heavy favorite from the outset of RttT, and Colorado… well Colorado took the amazingly bold leap of adopting legislation to mandate that a majority ofContinue reading “Why I’m not crying for Louisiana and Colorado”

RttT Round 2 – Stuff that Doesn’t Matter!

Unlike many RttT enthusiasts, I have to say that I was pleased to see that Louisiana and Colorado were not among the winners. I’ve written extensively about Louisiana public schools in the past: https://schoolfinance101.wordpress.com/2009/12/18/disg-race-to-the-top/ Although Colorado doesn’t look as bad as Louisiana on the indicators I often use on this blog, it ain’t pretty. UsingContinue reading “RttT Round 2 – Stuff that Doesn’t Matter!”

New from the Center on Inventing Research Findings

The other day, the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) at University of Washington released a bold new study claiming that Washington school districts underpay Math and Science teachers relative to other teachers – which is clearly an abomination in a state that is home to high-tech industries like Boeing and Microsoft. The study consistedContinue reading “New from the Center on Inventing Research Findings”

LA Times Study: Asian math teachers better than Black ones

The big news over the weekend involved the LA Times posting of value-added ratings of LA public school teachers. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-teachers-value-20100815,0,258862,full.story Here’s how the Times spun their methodology: Seeking to shed light on the problem, The Times obtained seven years of math and English test scores from the Los Angeles Unified School District and used theContinue reading “LA Times Study: Asian math teachers better than Black ones”

Newsflash: The upper half is better than average!

I’ve seen many versions of this argument in the past year, but this one comes from Kevin Carey in response to the Civil Rights Framework which criticized the current administration’s overemphasis on Charter Schools as lacking evidentiary support. Carey responds that the Civil Rights Framework selectively interprets the research on Charter schools, noting: Here’s theContinue reading “Newsflash: The upper half is better than average!”