3 very weak arguments for using weak indicators

This post is partly in response to the Brookings Institution report released this week which urged that value-added measures be considered in teacher evaluation: http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/Files/rc/reports/2010/1117_evaluating_teachers/1117_evaluating_teachers.pdf However, this post is more targeted at the punditry that has followed the Brookings report – the punditry that now latches onto this report as a significant endorsement of usingContinue reading “3 very weak arguments for using weak indicators”

Searching for Superguy in Jersey…

A short while back I did a post called Searching for Superguy in Gotham.  In that post, I tackled the assumption that Superguy was easily identifiable as a hero leader of charter schools – or at least that was one distorted portrayal of Superguy in Waiting for Superman. Now, I should point out here thatContinue reading “Searching for Superguy in Jersey…”

Getting all “bubbly” over that spending “bubble?”

Let me just say that I hate this graph! FIGURE 1 – NATIONAL TRENDS IN PUPIL TO TEACHER RATIOS Why? Well, this is my own version of the graph… but it is a graph that has been used many times over, of late, to make the argument that American public schools have simply been drowningContinue reading “Getting all “bubbly” over that spending “bubble?””

A few updated NJ charter figures

New, updated slides in PPT format (for clarity on labels): CHARTER SCHOOLS_NOV2010 I expect people will be asking why some of my figures previously posted don’t match up exactly with figures presented by others on New Jersey Charter Schools – including those produced by ACNJ in a new report.  In short, the answer is thatContinue reading “A few updated NJ charter figures”

New Jersey Charter Schools Association gets angry over… data?

For some time now, I’ve been pulling together data from the National Center for Education Statistics and from the New Jersey Department of Education on New Jersey Charter Schools. Why do I do it? Mainly out of frustration that no-one else seems to be playing a monitoring role. I’ve not seen any good compilations orContinue reading “New Jersey Charter Schools Association gets angry over… data?”

No more “sweetheart deals” for poor schools…

Fordham Institute’s Mike Petrilli is showing his “tough love” for public schools in these tough economic times: The tough-love message to superintendents and school boards nationwide should be clear: The day of reckoning has arrived; let the de-leveraging begin. The spending bubble is over. No more adding staff at a pace that outstrips student enrollment;Continue reading “No more “sweetheart deals” for poor schools…”

Pondering the “Master’s Bump”

Last month, I wrote a post titled “The Research Question that Wasn’t Asked,” in which I questioned whether many of us have overstated the connection between research on teachers with advanced degrees and compensation policies that link compensation to advanced degrees. I pointed out in my post that: Studies of the association between different levelsContinue reading “Pondering the “Master’s Bump””

Thought for the day…

Many will consider this blasphemy, but, I’ve been pondering lately: If our best public and private schools are pretty good (perhaps even better than Finland?), And, if the majority (not all, but most) of our best AND our worst public (and private) schools use salary schedules which base teacher compensation primarily on degrees/credits/credentials obtained andContinue reading “Thought for the day…”

Arbitrary pay limits for New Jersey public school administrators?

RE-POSTING MY JULY 16 ENTRY, WHICH HAS RENEWED RELEVANCE: Public school administrators are an easy target. Almost any public employee making a “whopping” six figure salary these days is an easy target. Indeed most of the general public does not earn as much as a school superintendent. But, as I’ve pointed out in the past,Continue reading “Arbitrary pay limits for New Jersey public school administrators?”