If it doesn’t work, don’t do it! CAP’s ROI

The Center for American Progress released its new Return on Investment (ROI) Index for K-12 public school districts of greater than 250 students this week. I should note in advance that I had the opportunity to provide advice on this project early on, and occasionally thereafter and I do believe that at least some involvedContinue reading “If it doesn’t work, don’t do it! CAP’s ROI”

Unspinning Data on New Jersey Charter Schools

Today’s (okay…yesterday… I got caught up in a few other things) New Jersey headlines once again touted the supposed successes of New Jersey Charter Schools: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/01/gov_christie_releases_study_sh.html The Star Ledger reporters, among others, were essentially reiterating the information provided them by the New Jersey Department of Education. Here’s their story. http://www.state.nj.us/education/news/2011/0118chart.htm And here’s a choice quoteContinue reading “Unspinning Data on New Jersey Charter Schools”

Understanding Education Costs versus “Inflation”

We often see pundits arguing that education spending has doubled over a 30 year period, when adjusted for inflation, and we’ve gotten nothing for it. We’ve got modest growth in NAEP scores and huge growth in spending. And those international comparisons… wow! The assertion is therefore that our public education system is less cost-effective nowContinue reading “Understanding Education Costs versus “Inflation””

Thinking through cost-benefit analysis and layoff policies

If you’re running a school district or a private school and you are deciding on what to keep in your budget and what to discard, you are making trade-offs. You are making trade-offs as to whether you want to spend money on X or on Y, or perhaps a more complicated mix of many options.Continue reading “Thinking through cost-benefit analysis and layoff policies”

Stretching Truth, Not Dollars?

This week, Mike Petrilli (TB Fordham Institute) and Marguerite Roza (Gates Foundation) released a “policy brief” identifying 15 ways to “stretch” the school dollar. Presumably, what Petrilli and Roza mean by stretching the school dollar is to find ways to cut spending while either not harming educational outcomes or actually improving them. That goal inContinue reading “Stretching Truth, Not Dollars?”