School Funding Equity Smokescreens: A note to the Equity Commission

In this blog post, I summarize a number of issues I’ve addressed in the past. In my previous post, I discussed general reformy myths about school spending. In this post, I address smokescreens commonly occurring in DC beltway rhetoric about school funding equity and adequacy. School funding is largely a state and local issue, whereContinue reading “School Funding Equity Smokescreens: A note to the Equity Commission”

Dice Rolling Activity for New Jersey Teachers

Yesterday, New Jersey’s Education Commissioner announced his plans for how teachers should be evaluated, what teachers should have to do to achieve tenure, and on what basis a teacher could be relieved of tenure. In short, Commissioner Cerf borrowed from the Colorado teacher tenure and evaluation plan which includes a few key elements (Colorado versionContinue reading “Dice Rolling Activity for New Jersey Teachers”

School Funding Myths & Stepping Outside the “New Normal”

I’ve been writing quite a bit lately about rather complex state school finance formula issues. That is much the point of this blog.  But it may be hard for some to see how my recent posts on school finance relate back to the broader reform agenda, and to understand the implications of these posts forContinue reading “School Funding Myths & Stepping Outside the “New Normal””

Reformy Disconnect: “Quality Based” RIF?

I addressed this point previously in my post on cost-effectiveness of quality based layoffs, but it was buried deep in the post. Reformers are increasingly calling for quality based layoffs versus seniority based layoffs, as if a simple dichotomy. Sounds like a no brainer when framed in these distorted terms. I pointed out in theContinue reading “Reformy Disconnect: “Quality Based” RIF?”

Pork Hunting 101: Shredding the Pork

I love a good pulled pork sandwich. In fact, it’s one of my favorite foods. And the best damn pork sandwich I can think of is the Hog Heaven at Oklahoma Joe’s in the side of a freakin’ gas station in Kansas City, Kansas. I expect that this statement will perhaps be the most controversialContinue reading “Pork Hunting 101: Shredding the Pork”

Disparate thinking: The administration’s blind eye & racially disparate impact

Apparently the U.S. Department of Education has decided to take on public education policies that not only are intentionally racially discriminatory, but also state and local policies that happen to have a racially disparate impact on certain populations. Now, these are departmental regulations, not statutes and not a constitutional protection, so this doesn’t mean thatContinue reading “Disparate thinking: The administration’s blind eye & racially disparate impact”

Where’s the Pork? Mitigating the Damage of State Aid Cuts

This is a very long and complicated post, so I’ll give you a few take home points up front… Equity Center Radio on School Finance Pork: Take home points Crude assumptions promoted by the “new normal” pundit crowd that across the board state aid cuts are a form of shared sacrifice are misguided andContinue reading “Where’s the Pork? Mitigating the Damage of State Aid Cuts”