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Measuring poverty in education policy research

March 25, 2011


My goal in this post is to explain why it is vitally important in the current policy debate that we pay careful attention to how child poverty is measured and what is gained and lost by choosing different versions of poverty measures as we evaluate education systems, schools and policy alternatives. This post is inspired […]

Student Test Score Based Measures of Teacher Effectiveness Won’t Improve NJ Schools

March 13, 2011


Op-Ed from: The recent Teacher Effectiveness Task Force report recommended basing teacher evaluation significantly on student test scores. A few weeks earlier, Education Commissioner Cerf recommended that teacher tenure and dismissal, as well as compensation decisions be based largely on student assessment data. Implicit in these recommendations is that the state and local districts […]

Expanded gambling okay in NJ, but only if it involves gambling on teachers’ jobs!

March 3, 2011


I may be the only one in New Jersey who had a twisted enough view of today’s news stories to pick up on this connection. Seemingly irrelevant to my blog, today, the Governor of New Jersey vetoed a bill that would have approved online gambling. At the same time, the Governor’s teacher effectiveness task force […]

Smart Guy (Gates) makes my list of “Dumbest Stuff I’ve Ever Read!”

March 2, 2011


Bill Gates (clearly a very smart guy) has just topped my list of Dumbest Stuff I’ve Ever Read for the first few months of 2011. He did it with this post in the Huffington Post and with his talk to State Governors (in which he also naively handed out copies of the book Stretching the […]