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Paul Mulshine, Amoral Self-Indulgence & New Jersey School Finance

June 23, 2011


On most days, I can simply laugh off a ridiculous Paul Mulshine column in the Star Ledger. Most of his claims regarding education, taxation and the intersection of the two range from flat-out incorrect to wacky and misguided. But Mulshine’s claims in his column on Wednesday June 22nd necessitate a response. For several years, I […]

School Finance through Roza-Tinted Glasses: 5 School Funding Myths from a single Misguided Source

June 6, 2011


I’ve reached a point after these past few years where I feel that I’ve spent way too much time  critiquing poorly constructed arguments and shoddy analyses that seem to be playing far too large a role in influencing state and federal (especially federal) education policy. I find this frustrating not because I wish that my […]

The Offensively Defensive Ideology of Charter Schooling

June 3, 2011


There now exists a fair amount of evidence that Charter schools in many locations, especially high performing charter schools in New Jersey and New York tend to serve much smaller shares of low income, special education and limited English proficient students (see various links that follow). And in some cases, high performing charter schools, especially […]