Teacher Selection: Smart Selection vs. Dumb Selection

I had a twitter argument the other day about a blog posting that compared the current debate around “de-selection” of bad teachers to eugenics. It is perhaps a bit harsh to compare Hanushek  (cited author of papers on de-selecting bad teachers) to Hitler, if that was indeed the intent. However, I did not take thatContinue reading “Teacher Selection: Smart Selection vs. Dumb Selection”

More Flunkin’ out from Flunkout Nation (and junk graph of the week!)

Earlier today I stumbled across this brilliant post by RiShawn Biddle over at Dropout Nation. Biddle boldly claims: Despite the arguments (and the pretty charts) of such defenders as Rutgers’ Bruce Baker, there is no evidence that spending more on American public education will lead to better results for children. Now, regarding the “no evidence”Continue reading “More Flunkin’ out from Flunkout Nation (and junk graph of the week!)”

Private Choices, Public Policy & Other People’s Children

I don’t spend much if any time talking about my personal decisions and preferences on this blog. It’s mostly about data and policy.  There’s been much talk lately about whether a Governor’s or President’s choice to send their children to elite private schools, or where Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or prominent “ed reformers” attended schoolContinue reading “Private Choices, Public Policy & Other People’s Children”

Zip it! Charters and Economic Status by Zip Code in NY and NJ

There’s no mystery or proprietary secret among academics or statisticians and data geeks as to how to construct simple comparisons of school demographics using available data.  It’s really not that hard. It doesn’t require bold assumptions, nor does it require complex statistical models. Sometimes, all that’s needed to shed light on a situation is aContinue reading “Zip it! Charters and Economic Status by Zip Code in NY and NJ”