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Digging for Consistent, Comprehensive Financial Data on New Jersey Charter Schools

October 28, 2011


I’ve commented in the past about the difficulties of obtaining reconcilable data on finances of New Jersey Charter Schools. What do I mean by reconcilable? Well, when I’m looking at financial data on charter schools in particular, I like to be able to see some relationship between expenditure and revenue data reported on IRS 990 […]

A Look at State Aid Cuts in New York State 2011-12

October 25, 2011


Following is another in my school finance geeky series of straight-up analyses of state school finance formulas. I wrote about New Jersey’s funding formula few days ago. This analysis focuses specifically on the cuts levied across NY school districts for 2011-12 and the underfunding of the foundation formula for select districts. In 2007, New York […]

More with Less or More with More & Why it Matters!

October 24, 2011


I did a piece a short while back on TEAM Academy, a Charter school which I thus far admire in Newark, NJ. I admire the school because, while the data I’ve been able to gather from official sources still indicates that TEAM is far from a statistical match with its surroundings, and appears to have […]

Thoughts on Improving the School Funding Reform Act (SFRA) in NJ

October 22, 2011


I’ve seen a number of tweets and vague media references of late about the fact that NJ Education Commissioner Cerf will at some point in the near future be providing recommendations for how to change the School Funding Reform Act of 2008. I also have it on good authority that NJDOE has convened a working […]

Dear Mr. Mulshine – Please check your “facts”

October 19, 2011

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I was reading this column by Paul Mushine yesterday in which Mr. Mulshine opines about the exorbitant property taxes being paid by our Governor. Now, personally, I’d prefer to keep our Governor out of this. This isn’t about him. It’s about an expensive house in a relatively wealthy suburban town in Morris County and the […]

On the Real Dangers of Marguerite Roza’s Fake Graph

October 14, 2011


In my last post, I ranted about this absurd graph presented by Marguerite Roza to a symposium of the New York Regents on September 13, 2011. Since that presentation (but before my post), that graph was also presented by the New York State Commissioner of Education to Superintendents of NY State School Districts (Sept. 26, […]

Dumbest completely fabricated (but still serious?) graph ever! (so far)

October 9, 2011


Okay. You all know that I like to call out dumb graphs. And I’ve addressed a few on this blog previously. Here are a few from the past: Now, each of the graphs in this previous post and numerous others I’ve addressed, like this one (From RiShawn Biddle) had something over the graph I’m […]