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Taxpayer rights under New Jersey’s current Education Policy Agenda

December 15, 2011

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In light of recent controversy over the role of state appointed “emergency” managers in Michigan,   I’ve been pondering the state of taxpayer rights under the current education policy agenda(s) in New Jersey. For example: The state of New Jersey seems determined to maintain its control over Newark Public Schools, which, in effect, at least partially […]

Mapping the Potential Distribution of NJ Opportunity Scholarships

December 13, 2011

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A while back, when the NJ Opportunity Scholarship Act was a hotter topic, I wrote a post explaining how, depending on which districts were included in NJOSA and depending on how family income qualifications were set and eligibility for those already enrolled in private schools, the largest share of scholarships could actually end up going […]

Dobbie & Fryer’s NYC charter study provides no meaningful evidence about class size & per pupil spending

December 13, 2011


So, I’ve seen on more than a few occasions these last few weeks references to the recent Dobbie and Fryer article on NYC charter schools as the latest evidence that money doesn’t matter in schools. That costly stuff like class size, or  overall measures of total per pupil expenditures are simply unimportant, and can easily […]

The Comparability Distraction & the Real Funding Equity Issue

December 1, 2011


Yesterday, the US Department of Education released a new report addressing how districts qualified for Title I funds (higher poverty districts) often allocate resources across their schools inequitably, arguing that requirements for receiving Title I funds should be strengthened. The report is here: Related resources here: It is certainly problematic that many public […]


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