Firing teachers based on bad (VAM) versus wrong (SGP) measures of effectiveness: Legal note

In the near future my article with Preston Green and Joseph Oluwole on legal concerns regarding the use of Value-added modeling for making high stakes decisions will come out in the BYU Education and Law Journal. In that article, we expand on various arguments I first laid out in this blog post about how useContinue reading “Firing teachers based on bad (VAM) versus wrong (SGP) measures of effectiveness: Legal note”

SB24 won’t solve CT’s real Teacher Equity Problems

Connecticut’s SB 24 appears to be little more than boilerplate reformy legislation which, like similar legislation in other states, creates a massive smokescreen concealing the very real problems facing Connecticut school districts. I addressed in a previous post my concern that SB24’s emphasis on charter expansion as a solution for high poverty districts is misguided,Continue reading “SB24 won’t solve CT’s real Teacher Equity Problems”

Snapshots of Connecticut Charter School Data

In several previous posts I have addressed the common argument among charter advocacy organizations (notably, not necessarily those out there doing the hard work of actually running a real charter school – but the pundits who claim to speak on their behalf) that charter schools do more, with less while serving comparable student populations. ThisContinue reading “Snapshots of Connecticut Charter School Data”

A comment on the “I pay your salary” and “I pay twice for schools” arguments

Taxpayer outrage arguments are in style these days (as if they ever really go out of style). Two particular taxpayer outrage arguments that have existed for some time seem to be making a bit of resurgence of late. Or, at least I think I’ve been seeing these arguments a bit more lately in the blogosphereContinue reading “A comment on the “I pay your salary” and “I pay twice for schools” arguments”

Revisiting NJOSA & the Lakewood Effect

The current version of the New Jersey Opportunity Scholarship Act would pilot the tuition tax credits for private schooling in the following locations: Asbury Park City School District Camden City School District Elizabeth City School District Lakewood City School District Newark City School District City of Orange School District Passaic City School District, and CityContinue reading “Revisiting NJOSA & the Lakewood Effect”

(Real) Graph vs (Fake) Graph Friday

This post provides a quick follow up to yesterday’s post (late last night) when I critiqued a questionable graph from an NJDOE presentation here: State of NJ Schools presentation 2-29-2012 It turns out that the slide presentation had many comparable graphs that deserve at least some attention. First, there’s this graph which attempts to argueContinue reading “(Real) Graph vs (Fake) Graph Friday”

Amazing Graph Proves Poverty Doesn’t Matter!(?)

I just couldn’t pass this one up. This is a graph for the ages, and it comes from a presentation by the New Jersey Commissioner of Education given at the NJASA Commissioner’s Convocation in Jackson, NJ on Feb 29. State of NJ Schools presentation 2-29-2012 Please turn to Slide #24: The title conveys the intendedContinue reading “Amazing Graph Proves Poverty Doesn’t Matter!(?)”

About those Dice… Ready, Set, Roll! On the VAM-ification of Tenure

A while back I wrote a post (and here) in which I explained that the relatively high error rates in Value-added modeling might make it quite difficult for teachers to get tenure under some newly adopted and other proposed guidelines and much easier to lose it, even after waiting years to get lucky [& yesContinue reading “About those Dice… Ready, Set, Roll! On the VAM-ification of Tenure”