Two Persistent Reformy Misrepresentations regarding VAM Estimates

I have written much on this blog about problems with the use of Value-added Estimates of teacher effect (used loosely) on student test score gains on this blog. I have addressed problems with both the reliability and validity of VAM estimates, and I have pointed out how SGP based estimates of student growth are invalidContinue reading “Two Persistent Reformy Misrepresentations regarding VAM Estimates”

Video Thoughts on Test Scores, VAM, SGP & Teacher Evaluation

Recent Bank Street College of Education Symposium on teacher evaluation Additional video clips from legislative forum at the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association General Issues in Teacher Evaluation: Where to Start in New Jersey Pilots versus Expedited Legislated Evaluation Models (Rigidity of Legislation) Complete Forum Video:

No Excuses! Really? Another look at our NEPC Charter Spending Figures

UPDATED MAY 11, 2012 Not surprisingly, KIPPs first response to our recent NEPC study was to declare it outright flawed. KIPP then proceeded to make up every possible explanation they could – every possible “excuse” – conjure every possible out of context – or different context estimate or “fact” to make their case that theyContinue reading “No Excuses! Really? Another look at our NEPC Charter Spending Figures”

Follow up on why Publicness/Privateness of Charter Schools Matters

My post the other day was intended to shed light on the various complexities of classifying charter schools as public or private. Some have argued that the distinctions I make are a distraction from the bigger policy issues. The point was not to address those issues, but rather to dispose of the misinformed rhetoric thatContinue reading “Follow up on why Publicness/Privateness of Charter Schools Matters”

Charter Schools Are… [Public? Private? Neither? Both?]

…Directly Publicly Subsidized, Limited Public Access, Publicly or Privately Authorized, Publicly or Privately Governed, Managed and Operated Schools Let’s break it down: Directly publicly subsidized Charter schools are directly subsidized by a combination of (primarily) state and local tax dollars (state dependent) transferred to charter schools on the basis of their enrollments. This funding isContinue reading “Charter Schools Are… [Public? Private? Neither? Both?]”