Smoky Mountain Smokescreen: A Tennessee Story

My last post was about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s role in starving the Philadelphia school district into submission. The failure by deprivation of the city district has now been used as a basis for blaming the district and its employees – primarily teachers, for that failure. Of course, once the district has been quietly squeezedContinue reading “Smoky Mountain Smokescreen: A Tennessee Story”

Debunking Reformy “Messaging”: A Philadelphia Story

Let’s take another trip back to Philadelphia for the day, because the reformy conversation around Philadelphia is just so darn illustrative of how reformy thinking works. Here’s a synopsis of the reformy approach to pushing pre-established, fact free, ideological reforms: Step 1: Create a story line Step 2: Find a poster child (school district, city,Continue reading “Debunking Reformy “Messaging”: A Philadelphia Story”