Philadelphia Graph of the Day

I just can’t drop the Philly issue, because of the complete absurdity of the reformy rhetoric about Philly schools and persistent willful ignorance regarding the role of equitable and adequate funding for Philly schools and the Commonwealth’s failure to provide any reasonable level of support. For what it’s worth – and I’ve spent a greatContinue reading “Philadelphia Graph of the Day”

Endangering Intelligent Conversation: Comments on the Latest Hanushekian Crisis Manifesto

I had the displeasure of coming across this completely ridiculous and deceitful video the other day: Which was created to promote Eric Hanushek’s latest U.S. education crisis manifesto.  Around the 4:12 minute mark, the video jumps from crisis mode to policy solution mode,  telling us how among U.S. States, Florida is a model forContinue reading “Endangering Intelligent Conversation: Comments on the Latest Hanushekian Crisis Manifesto”

On Death Penalties for Schools and Misplaced Outrage

This is an issue I’ve written much about over time – the persistent failure of New York State to fund its highest need public schools, and more recently, the audacity of state officials to place blame for their own egregious failures on the teachers and administrators in the state’s least well-funded school districts. Here’s aContinue reading “On Death Penalties for Schools and Misplaced Outrage”