The Post-Equity Era in School Finance

I’ve written a few posts in recent months where I’ve raised concern about the apparent complete disregard (& outright ignorance) for the role of equitable and adequate financing of our public schools. The bottom line is that providing for a high quality, equitably distributed system of public schooling in the United States requires equitable, adequateContinue reading “The Post-Equity Era in School Finance”

Ignorati Honor Roll 2013: Pundit Version

As 2013 comes to an end, it’s time to review some of the more ridiculous claims and arguments made by pundits and politicians over the course of the past year. A definition of “Ignorati” is important here: Elites who, despite their power, wealth, or influence, are prone to making serious errors when discussing science andContinue reading “Ignorati Honor Roll 2013: Pundit Version”

On Short-Term Memory & Statistical Ineptitude: A few reminders regarding NAEP TUDA results

Nothin’ brings out good ol’ American statistical ineptitude like the release of NAEP or PISA data.  Even more disturbing is the fact that the short time window between the release of state level NAEP results and city level results for large urban districts permits the same mathematically and statistically inept pundits to reveal their completeContinue reading “On Short-Term Memory & Statistical Ineptitude: A few reminders regarding NAEP TUDA results”

Racial Disparities in NY State Aid Shortfalls

Yesterday, Ed Law Prof Blog posted an update about the Office of Civil Rights complaint to be filed by Schenectady School District claiming that shortfalls in New York State aid fall disparately by student race. I’ve reported on numerous occasions on this blog the patterns of disparity in New York State funding. I actually hadn’tContinue reading “Racial Disparities in NY State Aid Shortfalls”

Petrilli’s Hammer & the poverty has nothing to do with PISA argument

Mike Petrilli over at TB Fordham has made his case for why differences in national economic context do little to substantively explain variations in PISA scores. He frames his argument in terms of Occam’s Razor, as if to sound well informed, deeply intellectual and setting the stage to share profound logical argument, summarized as follows:Continue reading “Petrilli’s Hammer & the poverty has nothing to do with PISA argument”

Graph of the Day: My contribution to PISA Palooza

With today’s release of PISA data it is once again time for wild punditry, mass condemnation of U.S. public schools and a renewed sense of urgency to ram through ill-conceived, destructive policies that will make our school system even more different from those breaking the curve on PISA. With that out of the way, here’sContinue reading “Graph of the Day: My contribution to PISA Palooza”