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An Update on New Jersey’s SGPs: Year 2 – Still not valid!

January 31, 2014


I have spent much time criticizing New Jersey’s Student Growth Percentile measures over the past few years, both conceptually and statistically. So why stop now. We have been told over and over again by the Commissioner and his minions that New Jersey’s SGPs take fully into account student backgrounds by accounting for each student’s initial […]

New Report: An Empirical Critique of “One Newark”

January 24, 2014


New Report: An Empirical Critique of “One Newark”.

On Inefficiencies and Value Added In Private Schools: A follow up on the Chubb research summit

January 20, 2014

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Originally posted on Private Schooling & the Public Interest:
Bruce D. Baker, Rutgers A few weeks back I posted a rather harsh critique of a summit convened by NAIS President John Chubb which he described as a gathering of leading researchers intended to generate ideas on the future of private independent schooling. Among other things,…

Come with me… if you wanna go to Kansas City? Thoughts on BBQ, Baseball and Reformy BS

January 15, 2014


Urban school districts are easy targets – often the whipping boy – exemplars of the failures of big government bureaucracy. Kansas City Missouri is a frequent target when it comes to education policy. But as I’ve discussed in more than one peer reviewed article (one, another), and other reports, tales of Kansas City’s failures are […]

Litigating DC IMPACT: The real usefulness of the Dee/Wyckoff Regression Discontinuity Design

January 11, 2014


Much has been made of late regarding the erroneous classification of 44 teachers in Washington DC as ineffective, thus facing job consequences. This particular erroneous rating was based on an “error” in the calculation of the teachers’ total ratings, as acknowledged by the consulting firm applying the ratings. That is, in this case, the consultants […]

Aggregated Ignorance…

January 10, 2014


Short one for today… on a personal pet peeve, which is apparently not only my pet peeve. Perhaps more than anything else, I hate it when pundits – who often have little clue what they are talking about to begin with, toss around big numbers with lots of zeros… or “illions” attached in order to […]

Championing Fact-Challenged Facts

January 9, 2014


The New Teacher Project and Students First have recently posted/cross-posted one of the more impressively fact-challenged manifestos I’ve encountered. The core argument in this recent post is that the facts on education reform speak for themselves and that the facts, as they describe them, simply need a champion – someone to make the public aware […]