On Inefficiencies and Value Added In Private Schools: A follow up on the Chubb research summit

Private Schooling & the Public Interest

Bruce D. Baker, Rutgers

A few weeks back I posted a rather harsh critique of a summit convened by NAIS President John Chubb which he described as a gathering of leading researchers intended to generate ideas on the future of private independent schooling. Among other things, I critiqued the chosen researchers’ balance of ideology, knowledge of private independent schools and in some cases, generally lacking substance of their body of work on educational productivity.

John Chubb, as he has been known to do, graciously responded to my critique, pointing out that he would soon blog about the conversations that emerged among these researchers.

Below are two examples from Chubb’s recent blog posting, which I view as entirely consistent with my original concerns. Mainly, that the researchers gathered have weak understanding of private independent schooling, how private independent school leaders view their market and the broader perception of how private independent…

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