The Collapse of State School Finance Systems & Why It Matters

This post is a follow up to my recent post identifying America’s Most Financially Disadvantaged School Districts. Let me start by summarizing the why it matters part, which I address more thoroughly here. The bottom line – a substantial body of empirical research indicates the positive influence of state school finance reforms on student outcomes.Continue reading “The Collapse of State School Finance Systems & Why It Matters”

America’s Most “Financially Disadvantaged” (e.g. Screwed) School Districts 2013

For a number of years I’ve been producing lists of what I call America’s Most Screwed Public School Districts. The kind folks at Center for American Progress, in 2012, worked with me to put out a report on these districts, and how they got where they are. I’ve also shown on this blog thatContinue reading “America’s Most “Financially Disadvantaged” (e.g. Screwed) School Districts 2013″