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Bruce Baker is a Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. His most recent book Educational Inequality and School Finance is available through Harvard Education Press Group: https://www.hepg.org/hep-home/books/educational-inequality-and-school-finance. Coming this fall…

Available September, 2021

Baker combines historical background, legal analysis, and political and economic contextual data—along with a gleaming wit—to present a thorough, enlightening narrative of Kansas’s K–12 funding journey.

Educational Inequality and School Finance

Bruce Baker draws on his many years of research to destroy the myth that money in education doesn’t matter, and convincingly argues that equitable and adequate funding are prerequisites for an effective education system.

Helen (Sunny) ladd (back cover notes)

The tricky thing about a smarty pants like Baker is he uses statistics to back up his claims.

Justin Kendall, The Pitch (Kansas City)


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