Education Week Grading System Gets a Failing Grade

It’s that time of year again. Time for Education Week Quality Counts to grade the states on a number of education policy issues – ranging from accountability systems to school finance systems. But, once again, Education Week’s Quality Counts ratings of state school finance policies simply lack understanding of the goals of today’s state schoolContinue reading “Education Week Grading System Gets a Failing Grade”

Executive Compensation in Public and Private Schools

Superintendents of public school systems are an easy target when it comes to their compensation packages. It is easy to create public outcry simply by making out-of-context comments about superintendents’ whopping “six figure” salaries.  The past year has finally seen some similar outcry regarding exorbitant executive compensation in “private” sector industries which have also soughtContinue reading “Executive Compensation in Public and Private Schools”

State Rankings, Small Businesses, School Quality and Economic Productivity

On a daily basis, in print media and on talk radio, I read and hear a lot of bombastic rhetoric about state rankings of small  business competitiveness  – the most frequent references of late to the Small Business Survival Index (SBSI). Click to access sbsi%202008%5B1%5D1.pdf Nearly every component of this index deals with the taxContinue reading “State Rankings, Small Businesses, School Quality and Economic Productivity”

KS Liberty Cluelessness…

I almost hate to waste so much time dealing with such utterly absurd and ignorant rhetoric as appears daily in “news” outlet Kansas Liberty. But, they’re at it again: Again, they raise the point that it has now been proven that the massive infusion of cash over the past 10 years has led toContinue reading “KS Liberty Cluelessness…”

KS Liberty revisionist history…

The same KansasLiberty article I addressed yesterday also included the following quote: “The court’s only evidence was a discredited school audit that had been dismissed by the Legislature, which had commissioned it, as impractical and dangerously expensive. The audit’s figures had been compiled by asking school administrators how much money they would like to receiveContinue reading “KS Liberty revisionist history…”

Kansas Study Finds Huge Infusion of Cash Didn’t Help Schools

Today, the self-proclaimed non-partisan news outlet reported that a scholar at the University of Kansas Business School has come to the brilliant conclusion that the massive infusion of funding that went into Kansas public schools from 1997 to 2006 has led to no substantive improvements in student outcomes. The author of this report presentsContinue reading “Kansas Study Finds Huge Infusion of Cash Didn’t Help Schools”

NOTES from a School Finance Curmudgeon

On my daily commute today I had the pleasure of listening to a talk radio discussion about the option for providing tuition tax credits in New Jersey to be used for sending talented elementary and high school students from poor urban New Jersey school districts to either affluent suburban public schools or to urban catholicContinue reading “NOTES from a School Finance Curmudgeon”