Title I Does NOT make “Rich” states “Richer!”

This is one fly I keep forgetting to swat, but one that has been repeatedly advanced by the Center for American Progress with excessively crude analyses. See: http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2009/08/title1_map.html WOW! Just look at it. Those darn rich states like Connecticut, New York and New Jersey are running away with federal funding that should be targeted toContinue reading “Title I Does NOT make “Rich” states “Richer!””

Leaders and Laggards Lags!

A quick note on Center for American Progress Leaders and Laggards report. On pages 23 & 24, this report attempts to grade state school funding systems and their level of “innovation.” But, the report pays no attention to a) whether these states actually perform well on any measures of outcomes,  b) whether these states actuallyContinue reading “Leaders and Laggards Lags!”

Ed Trust, DFER and Center for American Progress misguided

Let me start by saying that these are three groups for which I have a good appreciation. But, these groups have allowed much of their education reform agenda to be misguided by bad analyses and the time has come to clear up some major problems with the assumptions that drive many of the policy recommendationsContinue reading “Ed Trust, DFER and Center for American Progress misguided”