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An Update on New Jersey’s SGPs: Year 2 – Still not valid!

January 31, 2014


I have spent much time criticizing New Jersey’s Student Growth Percentile measures over the past few years, both conceptually and statistically. So why stop now. We have been told over and over again by the Commissioner and his minions that New Jersey’s SGPs take fully into account student backgrounds by accounting for each student’s initial […]

Segregating Suburbia: A Princeton Story

October 30, 2013


Others around me have for some time been raising concerns about the emergence of boutique, suburban charter schools. Until now, I’ve largely blown off those concerns in part as I’ve questioned just how much sorting a charter school can achieve in a relatively homogeneous suburban area. Suburbs have their own unique portfolio of schools.  One […]

Newark Charter Update: A few new graphs & musings

July 14, 2013


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about New Jersey Charter schools, so I figured I throw a few new graphs and tables out there. In the not too distant past, I’ve explained: That Newark charter schools in particular, persist in having an overall cream-skimming effect in Newark, creating demographic advantage for themselves and […]

Rebutting (again) the Persistent Flow of Disinformation on VAM, SGP and Teacher Evaluation

June 8, 2013


This post is in response to testimony overheard from recent presentations to the New Jersey State Board of Education. For background and more thorough explanations of issues pertaining to the use of Value-added Models and Student Growth Percentiles please see the following two sources: Baker, B.D., Oluwole, J., Green, P.C. III (2013) The legal consequences […]

The Dramatic Retreat from Funding Equity in New Jersey: Evidence from the Census Fiscal Survey

May 30, 2013


I have explained in numerous previous posts how New Jersey is among those states that operates a reasonably progressive state school finance system, that New Jersey, throughout the 1990s and early 2000s put the effort into disrupting the relationship between local community income and school spending. And, during that period, New Jersey’s low income students […]

Friday AM Graphs: Just how biased are NJ’s Growth Percentile Measures (school level)?

April 12, 2013


New Jersey finally released the data set of its school level growth percentile metrics. I’ve been harping on a few points on this blog this week. SGP data here: Enrollment data here: First, that the commissioner’s characterization that the growth percentiles necessarily fully take into account student background is a completely bogus and […]

On Misrepresenting (Gates) MET to Advance State Policy Agendas

April 10, 2013


In my previous  post I chastised state officials for their blatant mischaracterization of metrics to be employed in teacher evaluation. This raised (in twitter conversation) the issue of the frequent misrepresentation of findings from the Gates Foundation Measures of Effective Teaching Project (or MET). Policymakers frequently invoke the Gates MET findings as providing broad based […]