Rating Ed Schools by Student Outcome Data?

Tweeters and education writers the other day were  all abuzz with talk by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan of the need to crack down on those god-awful schools of education that keep churning out teachers who don’t get sufficient value-added out of their students. see: http://www.educatedreporter.com/2011/10/teacher-training-programs-missing-link.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Once again, the conversations were laced with innuendoContinue reading “Rating Ed Schools by Student Outcome Data?”

The Curious Duplicity of NCTQ

NCTQ fashions itself as a leading think tank on promoting teacher quality in K-12 education. NCTQ adopts a relatively extreme position that teacher quality is it – the one and only thing that matters! Teacher quality is THE determining factor of school quality. I also believe that teacher quality is very important. I also agreeContinue reading “The Curious Duplicity of NCTQ”

The research question that wasn’t asked

Recent discussions of the Vanderbilt University study on the effect of merit pay in Nashville raised a common and important issue pertaining to education policy research – or any research for that matter – What about the question that wasn’t asked? Or how important really is the question that was asked? In the case ofContinue reading “The research question that wasn’t asked”

NCTQ: We’re sure it will work! Even if research says it doesn’t!

Last spring, I had the pleasure of presenting on teacher labor market research in the same conference session in which a very interesting paper on mutual consent teacher contract changes was also presented (by Bethany Gross). This paper is a product of an organization I’ve poked fun at in the past (Center for Reinventing PublicContinue reading “NCTQ: We’re sure it will work! Even if research says it doesn’t!”

NCTQ Teacher Policy Ratings: Where’s the quality?

First, to the media – the National Council on Teacher Quality Ratings are NOT ratings of actual differences in Teacher Quality across states. They are ratings of supposed steps which can be taken in state policy in order to improve teacher quality. Here, the blame goes on the media spin, not on NCTQ. NCTQ doesContinue reading “NCTQ Teacher Policy Ratings: Where’s the quality?”