Zip it! Charters and Economic Status by Zip Code in NY and NJ

There’s no mystery or proprietary secret among academics or statisticians and data geeks as to how to construct simple comparisons of school demographics using available data.  It’s really not that hard. It doesn’t require bold assumptions, nor does it require complex statistical models. Sometimes, all that’s needed to shed light on a situation is aContinue reading “Zip it! Charters and Economic Status by Zip Code in NY and NJ”

Does New Jersey really need more small, segregated schools?

Political pundits and the media frequently point out two major concerns regarding the organization of public school districts in New Jersey. First, that New Jersey, being the most population dense state in the nation, simply has far too many small schools and school districts (largely an artifact of municipal reorganization and alignment that occurred inContinue reading “Does New Jersey really need more small, segregated schools?”

Unspinning Data on New Jersey Charter Schools

Today’s (okay…yesterday… I got caught up in a few other things) New Jersey headlines once again touted the supposed successes of New Jersey Charter Schools: The Star Ledger reporters, among others, were essentially reiterating the information provided them by the New Jersey Department of Education. Here’s their story. And here’s a choice quoteContinue reading “Unspinning Data on New Jersey Charter Schools”

Truly Uncommon in Newark…

A while back I wrote a post explaining why I felt that while Robert Treat Academy Charter School in Newark is a fine school, it’s hardly a replicable model for large scale reform in Newark, or elsewhere.  I have continued over time to write about the extent to which Newark Charter schools in particular haveContinue reading “Truly Uncommon in Newark…”

Searching for Superguy in Jersey…

A short while back I did a post called Searching for Superguy in Gotham.  In that post, I tackled the assumption that Superguy was easily identifiable as a hero leader of charter schools – or at least that was one distorted portrayal of Superguy in Waiting for Superman. Now, I should point out here thatContinue reading “Searching for Superguy in Jersey…”

A few updated NJ charter figures

New, updated slides in PPT format (for clarity on labels): CHARTER SCHOOLS_NOV2010 I expect people will be asking why some of my figures previously posted don’t match up exactly with figures presented by others on New Jersey Charter Schools – including those produced by ACNJ in a new report.  In short, the answer is thatContinue reading “A few updated NJ charter figures”

New Jersey Charter Schools Association gets angry over… data?

For some time now, I’ve been pulling together data from the National Center for Education Statistics and from the New Jersey Department of Education on New Jersey Charter Schools. Why do I do it? Mainly out of frustration that no-one else seems to be playing a monitoring role. I’ve not seen any good compilations orContinue reading “New Jersey Charter Schools Association gets angry over… data?”

If money doesn’t matter…

A) Then why do private independent schools, like those attended by our President’s children (Sidwell Friends in DC), or by Davis Guggenheim’s children (?), spend so much more than nearby traditional public schools? Davis Guggenheim, producer of Waiting for Superman, frequently explains to the media these days that he feels uneasy that he has madeContinue reading “If money doesn’t matter…”

More Fun with New Jersey Charter Schools

LINK TO UPDATED SPREADSHEET OF FREE LUNCH AND SPECIAL ED DATA I love maps. I love GIS software. This is a particularly interesting one related to the shares of children who qualify for free (not free or reduced, but free only, a poorer population) lunch in traditional public schools and in charter schools in Newark.Continue reading “More Fun with New Jersey Charter Schools”