NJ Charter Update – Math Trends over Time

Note: This is not a “Study.” This is just a summary of NJDOE Report Card Data, which can be found here: http://education.state.nj.us/rc/ I made a few more graphs for fun today, pursuing the question of whether the shares of children scoring only “partially proficient” over time are changing in New Jersey Charter Schools at anyContinue reading “NJ Charter Update – Math Trends over Time”

Playing with Charter Numbers in NJ

About a week ago, I commented that charter school average performance was not much, if any different from the average performance of the poorest urban public schools. This is admittedly an oversimplified comparison, but not one I would have made had I believed it to be deceptive, which it is not – given the availableContinue reading “Playing with Charter Numbers in NJ”

What do NJ Charter Schools Really Spend?

Getting back to the original point of my blog, this post is simply about introducing to the public discourse some actual data on NJ charter school spending. Back when I wrote my textbook on school finance, I found that DC charter schools were having to rely on private contributions to the tune of 14% ofContinue reading “What do NJ Charter Schools Really Spend?”

The Real NJ Graduation Scam?

Bob Bowdon, of Cartel fame and E-3 make the claim that New Jersey’s poor urban districts are scamming the public and taxpayers by having overstated graduation rates. About half of poor district kids pass the HSPA test, but 85% graduate. Their brilliant solution to this problem, as I’ve noted previously, is to give kids theContinue reading “The Real NJ Graduation Scam?”

Replicating Robert Treat Academy

With little doubt, Robert Treat Academy in Newark is one of those charter schools that is doing well by common outcome measures and likely by even more important measures than state tests. What we know about are the tests. And even if one controls for a variety of factors about student populations, Treat’s test scoresContinue reading “Replicating Robert Treat Academy”

Charter Averages Worse than Originally Estimated

Note: The information below is not a comprehensive research study on the relative effectiveness of New Jersey Charter Schools. Rather, it is a quick summary of average proficiency rates for charters compared to other New Jersey schools by socio-economic strata. Unfortunately, New Jersey Charter schools were not part of two major recent multi-state analyses ofContinue reading “Charter Averages Worse than Originally Estimated”

NJ Charters & Disability Rates

Here’s a quick snapshot of the percent of children classified as having disabilities in Charter schools and in Traditional Public Schools in Essex County. These figures add some context to the spending deficit figures in my previous post. Yes, Charters receive a reduced operating aid subsidy. Charters are most disadvantaged financially by not receiving supportContinue reading “NJ Charters & Disability Rates”

A few quick NJ Charter School Facts & Figures

AFTER READING THIS, PLEASE SEE CORRECTIONS AT: https://schoolfinance101.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/charter-averages-worse-than-originally-estimated/ If one watches the trailer clips from the Cartel movie on two highly successful New Jersey charter schools, one might be misled to believe that Charter schools are simply uniformly freakin’ awesome. They can do no wrong. They are clearly the answer to all of our problemsContinue reading “A few quick NJ Charter School Facts & Figures”