Revisiting NJOSA & the Lakewood Effect

The current version of the New Jersey Opportunity Scholarship Act would pilot the tuition tax credits for private schooling in the following locations: Asbury Park City School District Camden City School District Elizabeth City School District Lakewood City School District Newark City School District City of Orange School District Passaic City School District, and CityContinue reading “Revisiting NJOSA & the Lakewood Effect”

Taxpayer rights under New Jersey’s current Education Policy Agenda

In light of recent controversy over the role of state appointed “emergency” managers in Michigan,   I’ve been pondering the state of taxpayer rights under the current education policy agenda(s) in New Jersey. For example: The state of New Jersey seems determined to maintain its control over Newark Public Schools, which, in effect, at least partiallyContinue reading “Taxpayer rights under New Jersey’s current Education Policy Agenda”

Mapping the Potential Distribution of NJ Opportunity Scholarships

A while back, when the NJ Opportunity Scholarship Act was a hotter topic, I wrote a post explaining how, depending on which districts were included in NJOSA and depending on how family income qualifications were set and eligibility for those already enrolled in private schools, the largest share of scholarships could actually end up goingContinue reading “Mapping the Potential Distribution of NJ Opportunity Scholarships”

Private Schools & Public Education Policy in New Jersey

The commission on private schools established by former Governor Corzine has just released its report: This report is more fun than many recent reports in New Jersey because it actually has some data and citations. Nonetheless, I have at least a few concerns regarding the presentation of the data and implications drawn from it.Continue reading “Private Schools & Public Education Policy in New Jersey”

New Jersey Opportunity Scholarship (NJOSA) Study Notes & Review

It’s kind of like an end of semester blogging time here – a good time to review various posts on specific topics related to New Jersey education policy. My apologies to those of you looking for issues of national/broader interest. I’ll get back to those issues after this post. In this post, I provide aContinue reading “New Jersey Opportunity Scholarship (NJOSA) Study Notes & Review”

NJOSA & the Lakewood Effect

UPDATE: As I understand it, NJOSA has now been revised to specifically target Lakewood as a pilot site for the vouchers (1 of 8 locations). Consider the analysis below in that light. This revision potentially allows for a greater share of overall NJOSA funding to flow specifically to Lakewood students. Further, this revision raises fun/interestingContinue reading “NJOSA & the Lakewood Effect”

NJ Opportunity Scholarship: Must Read Items

Very little time today. Big deadlines and lots of data to analyze. Since the debate is now heating up over the NJ Opportunity Scholarship Program, I thought I’d put out there a few items which really should be part of the debate on this topic. 1) The April 2010 report on the long run effectivenessContinue reading “NJ Opportunity Scholarship: Must Read Items”

Would $8,000 Scholarships help Sustain NJ Private Schools?

Note: This was written prior to the announcement that the scholarship amounts would be $6000 for elementary and $9000 for secondary schools. The same logic and findings apply, though to an even greater extreme in light of these numbers. Part of the argument being made for providing $8,000 scholarships for students to attend private schoolsContinue reading “Would $8,000 Scholarships help Sustain NJ Private Schools?”