Graphs of the Day: Texas Private School Enrollments & Expenditures

Below are a series of graphs of the distribution of enrollments and average total expenditures for Texas private schools. I figure these are particularly relevant as the Texas legislature entertains the idea of providing vouchers for private schools in Texas. These data, unfortunately, are from a few years back – based on 2008 IRS taxContinue reading “Graphs of the Day: Texas Private School Enrollments & Expenditures”

If money doesn’t matter…

A) Then why do private independent schools, like those attended by our President’s children (Sidwell Friends in DC), or by Davis Guggenheim’s children (?), spend so much more than nearby traditional public schools? Davis Guggenheim, producer of Waiting for Superman, frequently explains to the media these days that he feels uneasy that he has madeContinue reading “If money doesn’t matter…”

Private Schools & Public Education Policy in New Jersey

The commission on private schools established by former Governor Corzine has just released its report: This report is more fun than many recent reports in New Jersey because it actually has some data and citations. Nonetheless, I have at least a few concerns regarding the presentation of the data and implications drawn from it.Continue reading “Private Schools & Public Education Policy in New Jersey”

Another “You Cannot be Serious!” The demise of private sector preschool in New Jersey?

There is little I find more enjoyable than boldly stated claims where the claims are entirely unsubstantiated… but where data are relatively accessible for testing those claims. This week, the Governor’s Task Force on Privatization in New Jersey released their final report on the virtues of privatization for specific services. I took particular interest inContinue reading “Another “You Cannot be Serious!” The demise of private sector preschool in New Jersey?”

NJ Opportunity Scholarship: Must Read Items

Very little time today. Big deadlines and lots of data to analyze. Since the debate is now heating up over the NJ Opportunity Scholarship Program, I thought I’d put out there a few items which really should be part of the debate on this topic. 1) The April 2010 report on the long run effectivenessContinue reading “NJ Opportunity Scholarship: Must Read Items”

Would $8,000 Scholarships help Sustain NJ Private Schools?

Note: This was written prior to the announcement that the scholarship amounts would be $6000 for elementary and $9000 for secondary schools. The same logic and findings apply, though to an even greater extreme in light of these numbers. Part of the argument being made for providing $8,000 scholarships for students to attend private schoolsContinue reading “Would $8,000 Scholarships help Sustain NJ Private Schools?”

Stossel & Coulson Misinformation on Private vs. Public School “Costs”

Last summer, I had an interesting exchange with Andrew Coulson regarding the issue of private school costs. That discussion can be found here: I had the displeasure this evening, while channel surfing, to catch a few minutes of John Stossel’s latest episode on the failures of the public education system and low-cost wonders ofContinue reading “Stossel & Coulson Misinformation on Private vs. Public School “Costs””

Coulson’s selective reading skills…again!

So… I’m browsing the Cato web site and Andrew Coulson’s blog entries this morning and find  post where Coulson explains that a 2008 study shows that spending more on K-12 education reduces economic growth (9-2-09 post). So, I look at the study. Here are the first two sentences of the conclusion section of thatContinue reading “Coulson’s selective reading skills…again!”

Coulson still clueless

In his most recent response to my response: Coulson continues to miss the entire point of my report and misunderstand methodological detail. First, Coulson assumes that the entire point of the report is to show that private schools spend a lot and that they spend more than public schools. The point is that someContinue reading “Coulson still clueless”