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On Misrepresenting (Gates) MET to Advance State Policy Agendas

April 10, 2013


In my previous  post I chastised state officials for their blatant mischaracterization of metrics to be employed in teacher evaluation. This raised (in twitter conversation) the issue of the frequent misrepresentation of findings from the Gates Foundation Measures of Effective Teaching Project (or MET). Policymakers frequently invoke the Gates MET findings as providing broad based […]

Who will be held responsible when state officials are factually wrong? On Statistics & Teacher Evaluation

April 10, 2013


While I fully understand that state education agencies are fast becoming propaganda machines, I’m increasingly concerned with how far this will go.  Yes, under NCLB, state education agencies concocted completely wrongheaded school classification schemes that had little or nothing to do with actual school quality, and in rare cases, used those policies to enforce substantive […]

Gates Still Doesn’t Get It! Trapped in a World of Circular Reasoning & Flawed Frameworks

January 9, 2013


Not much time for a thorough review of the most recent release of the Gates MET project, but here are my first cut comments on the major problems with the report. The take home argument of the report seems to be that their proposed teacher evaluation models are sufficiently reliable for prime time use and […]

It’s good to be King: More Misguided Rhetoric on the NY State Eval System

December 12, 2012


Very little time to write today, but I must comment on this NY Post article on the bias I’ve been discussing in the NY State teacher/principal growth percentile ratings. Sociologist Aaron Pallas of TC and economist Sean Corcoran of NYU express appropriate concerns about the degrees of bias found and reported in the technical report […]

It’s time to just say NO! More thoughts on the NY State Tchr Eval System

December 5, 2012


This post is a follow up on two recent previous posts in which I first criticized consultants to the State of New York for finding substantial patterns of bias in their estimates of principal (correction: School Aggregate) and teacher (correction: Classroom aggregate) median growth percentile scores but still declaring those scores to be fair and […]

AIR Pollution in NY State? Comments on the NY State Teacher/Principal Rating Models/Report

November 17, 2012


I was immediately intrigued the other day when a friend passed along a link to the recent technical report on the New York State growth model, the results of which are expected/required to be integrated into district level teacher and principal evaluation systems under that state’s new teacher evaluation regulations.  I did as I often […]

On the Stability (or not) of Being Irreplaceable

November 17, 2012


This is just a quick note with a few pictures in response to the TNTP “Irreplaceables” report that came out a few weeks back – a report that is utterly ridiculous at many levels (especially this graph!)… but due to the storm  I just didn’t get a chance address it.  But let’s just entertain for […]